DushyantPatni is a web design, app development and lead generation specialist based in India. He has over 3 years of professional experience with an outstanding portfolio that allows his work to speak for itself. He regularly works on freelance projects for clients from all over the world.
The path that led Dushyant here was full of discoveries and learning experiences.While he was in college, he took up a course on Ethical Hacking which first got him hooked to the possibilities the internet held. This led him to explore PHP and Java script. He started making and promoting websites at the age of 22 and his only regret is that he didn’t start sooner.
After finishing his undergraduate studies in Business in 2012, Dushyant worked in the industrial products sector where he picked up valuable people skills and gained hands on experience with the working of a business. Within just one year, he was ready to turn his hobby into his profession and venture into the world of web design. He only took on projects in India for the first six months but in May 2014, he opened up to offers from UK and the US and there has been no looking back.
Since first starting out in September 2013, Dushyant has undertaken and successfully delivered numerous projects to clients across the globe. And these projects don’t end at delivery, he has formed long-standing business relationships with clients who now consider him a skilled advisor and a design expert.
Each one of these projects has proven to give outstanding results, even in the long run. Dushyant works closely with every client to deliver projects tailor-made to get the desired results. His ability to recognize opportunities and capitalize on them has benefited his patrons massively over the course of his career.

Dushyant Patni

With years of experience under his belt, Dushyant delivers whatever he promises to, especially in terms of quality. He has sharp instincts when it comes to figuring out problem areas and subsequently finding and implementing solutions to them.
In all of his projects, Dushyant aims to resolve design problems effectively and efficiently. Creating smart user interfaces—in both websites and apps—is one of his biggest priorities. He keeps up with latest design practices and if the project demands, brings together a team that believes in his vision. Dushyant is extremely passionate about coding and through his business, he aims to bring the design ideas of his clients to life.
Dushyant believes that good design is an investment which should yield his clients amazing ROIs. His design philosophy is directed towards the same. Whether it is a website, app or SEO, Dushyant aims to deliver nothing but the best quality projects to get actual, tangible results for his clients. He takes time to understand the story of each client and their enterprise to make sure that whatever he finally delivers, does justice to the brand and adds value to it.

Dushyant is an expert at responsive web design and all his projects are optimised to be engaging and lead to actual conversions for his clients. LikeMilton Glaser said, “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” This is something that really comes alive in Dushyant’s work. From the most basic of websites to the most complex ones, he has done everything with flair. It is his personal belief that any great design—whether web or app—should be built on a strong foundation and then taken forward.


It is not just his clients who hold him in high regard. He is well-respected in the freelancer community and has formed a large network of professionals with whom he enters into business collaborations.One of the things that occupy his focus is ease of use for his clients. He makes sure to keep the product as simple and user-friendly as he possibly can so that even when the website or app is up and running, it can be easily managed by the client.


A similar principle applies to his lead generation services. Dushyant employs an optimal combination of on-site tweaks and off-site tactics for Search Engine Optimisation to make sure that your page ranks higher. With his expert lead generation campaigns, you can boost sales, increase traffic to your website and have more conversions. For small businesses, this can be a game changer and Dushyant understands this.

Being based put of India gives him a unique advantage in terms of cost of business which is why he offers his high quality services at competitive rates. He strives for 100% error-free performance and pays close attention to even the smallest of details. There are lots of developers out there but what sets Dushyant apart is his constant endeavour towards reliability. He’s thoroughly motivated to reach his end goal—client satisfaction, delivered on time.

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So far, he has undertaken (8375051111) successful projects in the fields of web design, app development, website promotion and lead generation.